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Flat Roofing Experts

Having managed a successful roofing company in the UK for 15 years, we realise that we have a lot to offer in the installation of flat roofing membrane in New Zealand. We are excited to provide an excellent standard of workmanship in this area.

We are fully trained, qualified and insured in all aspects of roofing and will always provide ongoing training for staff, to ensure this high quality of work is maintained.

We take great pride in our work and always provide a reliable and professional service leading to top-level customer satisfaction. Additionally, we are able to offer a 20-year insurance backed guarantee for all flat roofing and waterproofing services carried out for your further peace of mind.

Our preferred waterproofing material is a single-ply membrane, such as TPO, due to its great weldable capabilities, flexibility and toughness. We are highly qualified in the installation of TPO and other rubber membranes, including EPDM Rubberbond and in fact, are proud to say that we have trained up world-class, award-winning roofers in the past, who have won various awards within the construction industry for their excellent skills. We also install Butynol flat roofing systems for those who prefer an alternative to the single-ply membrane option for waterproofing.

We are able to offer competitive prices as we buy materials in bulk and therefore, are able to pass any savings down to our customers.

Our expert level of advice and service will leave you with no doubt that you have made the best decision in choosing us to assist you with your roofing needs. We will not install any roofing product which we do not believe will be suitable for your roof, even in a situation, for example where an architect has specified this. All roofs vary and as the experts in the installation of these products, part of our professional service will include to liaise and advise the client or architect on which product is most suitable for the roof.

There have been instances, including very recently where architects have insisted that the product of their choice is used, without having the in-depth knowledge of this, resulting in disastrous consequences.

Otter Roofing Find & Fix Guarantee

‘We guarantee to find & fix the leak in 48hr or your money back’

Do you have a problematic leak affecting your roof?

Have you called out numerous other roofing contractors to fix your leak but it has still not been resolved?

If so, call us now and speak to an expert in the field of leak solving and problem solving. We are a highly experienced company and have come across all possible scenarios causing our customers roofs to leak.

We will go the extra mile to conduct a thorough investigation as to pin pointing the exact cause of the leak and fix the problem in the correct way in order to prevent this from reoccurring in future.

*Disclaimer: If we fail to locate and fix the leak within 48 hours, we maintain a money-back guarantee policy and will refund all your money back.

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